Lion Parcel and LogiNext partners in e-commerce delivery

Lion Parcel and LogiNext announced a collaboration to improve the efficiency of e-commerce delivery management services and fulfill logistics needs in Southeast Asia. The two companies said the partnership would double the strength in logistics and e-commerce through path optimization, timeliness and effective listing authentication.

Lion Parcel is a subsidiary of Lion Air Group that has a vision of improving the efficiency of e-commerce delivery management services, while LogiNext is a SaaS solution for logistics optimization and has a flagship product for last mile, field force, on-demand delivery, and line haul express management.

Tinuku Lion Parcel and LogiNext partners in e-commerce delivery

Lion Parcel says LogiNext has a wealth of experience in helping e-commerce companies implement innovative logistics and optimization steps to facilitate the delivery process through improved cash transactions. The partnership is expected to create a customer-oriented full service.

"We believe through the automation of an effective and agile cash-on-delivery mechanism will shorten and be more precise in directing COD payments to vendors to our customers without error," said Lion Parcel Director Farian Kirana.

LogiNext said the combination of logistics optimization technology and digital payments is a great solution that will be increasingly global. The two most important parts of the logistics industry are goods and money. The company creates the third part in addition to analytics and information capabilities in real time.

"We have optimized shipments in different countries. Now the success of Lion Parcel apply digital wallet, then complete our journey in optimization and logistics automation," said LogiNext CEO, Dhruvil Sanghvi.

Lion Parcel has partnered with more than 3,000 point of sales, sub console and consolidator across Indonesia. The company uses 219 aircraft fleet operated by airlines under Lion Air Group. LogiNext has partnered with over 200 companies in North America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.