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Maimai raised $750 million and planned IPO in 2019 raised a Series C funding of US$750 million led by California-based DCM with participation of IDG Capital and Hong Kong's Morningside Venture Capital. Zhilian Zhaopin, a job recruitment site in China, also agreed to become a strategic investor. The funds will be used for new market expansion and preparing the IPO by 2019.

Tinuku Maimai raised $750 million and planned IPO in 2019

Maimai announced it has raised Series C funding of US$750 and now targets an initial public offering (IPO) in 2019. The Beijing-based business social networking startup claims to have 30 million registered users in China with 10 million monthly active users.

Maimai was founded by Lin Fan in 2013 and is now the strongest candidate to compete LinkedIn's global network giant in the world's largest ever growing labor market. Fan said the company plans to use the funds to expand into other markets and improve services.

"This round of Series C funding indicates the company has entered a rapid development stage. Our target is to register all employees of the top 500 Chinese companies and the top 500 global companies operating in the country," said Fan, as CEO of Maimai.

China has changed from traditional society to foreign society and Maimai hopes to play a more important role based on products and user bases which means traditional societies are increasingly being replaced by individual groups led by social networks.

"We are optimistic with the potential growth of professional networks. We want to go public in 2019 with a target market value of US$10 billion," said Fan.

Fan in February said that 80 percent of Maimai's revenue comes from advertising and the rest from premium customers, including corporate users. LinkedIn owned by Microsoft generates annual revenue of US$1.1 billion, but does not depend on advertising revenue.

LinkedIn is still the largest professional network in the world and has recently claimed to have 36 million registered users in mainland China or has increased eightfold since it first entered the market in 2014, but the company is having trouble with Chinese regulators.


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Zoomcar raised $40 million led by Mahindra and Mahindra

Zoomcar raised a Series C funding of US$ 40 million led by Mahindra & Mahindra. On-demand car rental service headquartered in Bengaluru, Zoomcar Inc, confirmed to have raised new funding including the sale of shares to Mumbai's auto giant Mahindra & Mahindra, where Ford and other investors also took part in the round,

Zoomcar CEO and co-founder, Greg Moran, said the Series C round is still open and can be extended to other investors who will participate in a US$170 million valuation. Mahindra & Mahindra confirmed it has invested Rs176 crore (US$27.5 million) in this latest round which gets 16 percent stake in share.

The latest C Series funding is US$24 million led by Ford in 2016 and an undisclosed investment from China's Cyber Carrier added at the end of the year. Other supporters include Sequoia Capital, Nokia Growth Partners, FundersClub and a number of angels including former U.S. financial secretary Larry Summers and former CFO Infosys T.V. Mohandas Pai.


Internet users in Indonesia are 143.26 million by 2017, APJII reports

The Indonesian Internet Service User Association (APJII) reports the number of internet users in Indonesia is 143.26 million by 2017. The latest APJII survey concluded that internet users in Indonesia are dominated by people aged 13-18 years and still have internet infrastructure gaps between urban areas and rural.

APJII released the survey results on the penetration and behavior of Indonesian internet users in 2017 where the increase in number compared to the previous year. APJII also enforces age and area categories to map the user penetration levels in the survey. To know the total population of Indonesia is 262 million people.

"Internet users are up 10 million compared to the previous year (2016) of 132.7 million people.The youngest is the highest," said APJII Secretary General Henri Kasyfi Soemartono.

Internet users are dominated by 13-18 year olds and penetration rate is 75.50 percent. The top category is Kalimantan Island which has penetration rate at 72.19 percent, t…

Sony announces blue-chip company for taxi and ride-hailing market

Sony Corp. announced it will be a blue-chip company that jockeyes Japan's taxi and ride-hailing market with a joint venture plan to develop an artificial intelligence-based hailing system. This partnership is conducted between domestic taxi companies and technology companies that see the potential of a profitable Japanese market.

Sony plans to build an AI-based platform with Daiwa Motor Transportation Co Ltd and five other domestic taxi companies. This month, SoftBank Group Corp. and China's Didi Chuxing announced it will hold a business in Japan this year for customized services in the country.

SoftBank is one of the investors in Didi and also the largest shareholder of Uber Technologies Inc. Didi and Daiichi Koutsu Sangyo Co. Ltd. plans to offer taxi services to visitors from mainland China and the company is also in talks with Uber.

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi on Tuesday told investors in Tokyo that Uber should change the way business is in Japan and need to build partnershi…

Know Various Types of Traditional Indonesian Batik Patterns

Tinuku ~ Various types of batik spread across the archipelago. Batik is art of painting using cloth has a pattern and a special way of making the write or paste on the fabric. By treatment with certain distinctive ways.

Batik is pictorial cloth made specifically by writing or applying wax to cloth and since October 2, 2009 batik has been designated as one of Indonesia's cultural heritage by UNESCO.

Everyone knows batik designs have supernatural powers and each motif worn only by specific users. Parang motif which symbolizes strength and power, should only be worn by rulers and knights. Batik of this type must be made with calmness and patience.

If you do wrong in the batik process, the magical power is lost. The process of making batik is full of philosophical meaning, batik is a meaningful symbols that shows how society thinks maker.

Perhaps you just know only one kind of batik design. But geography and area of Indonesia storing various types of batik motifs depending on region t…

Lawless Garage studio realized wishful VW Beetle Outshine Volksrod canvas pickup and rust body

Tinuku ~ Lawless Garage studio describe wishful thinking about VW Volksrod canvas custom into Photoshop sketch then realized in different artwork form for VW Beetle 1200 1974 that intentionally harvest rust on entire body.