Mercedes Citaro E-CELL start production by end 2018

Daimler AG announces the Mercedes-Benz Citaro E-CELL all-electric bus will start production by the end of 2018. Stuttgart's auto giant countdown commences the production of all-electric bus series. The Head of Development at Daimler Buses and member of the board at EvoBus, Gustav Tuschen, said the preview for bringing the E platform is close.

Tinuku Mercedes Citaro E-CELL start production by end 2018

"We are not interested in prototypes, we're all about series. Electric drive is no longer a niche, it's a major player. By 2030, seventy percent of all newly-registered urban buses will have emission-free drive systems," said Tuschen.

Tuschen said the company has also set up software where field service representatives will help customers to make the right vehicle choices. Demonstration versions have shown some possibilities and supporting infrastructure can be found for each route.

Citaro E-CELL will be present in a solo and articulated version that will feature an electrically driven axle with a machine positioned close to the wheel hub. This axle has proven itself in the field and gives more freedom for different compartment layouts to accelerate the passenger flow.

Power is supplied by lithium-ion batteries where Mercedes-Benz still has a wide selection of battery pack sizes for alternative configurations. The charging system uses a sleeve trolley or pantograph on the roof of the bus. This technology does increase the weight, but simplifies the infrastructure and enables the use of more flexible buses.