Migo made debut the first ebike rental in Indonesia

Migo Holding Limited made its debut as the first ebike ride sharing platform in Indonesia. Startup headquartered in Surabaya, which began launching services in August, has 1000 units ebike, built 100 substation point and is targeting an additional 50 substation points later this year to serve 2000 registered users and 1000 active users in the city.

Tinuku Migo made debut the first ebike ride-sharing in Indonesia

Migo presents the first ebike ride-sharing platform in Indonesia that utilizes digital technology and allows users to place orders and payments. Users scan QR Code installed on each bike using the Migo app available on Google Play and App Store.

The current service is only available in Surabaya and provides 1000 units ebike, 100 points of substation spread across the city. Migo will cost Rp2,000 for the first two kilometers, then the next cost is Rp500 per kilometer, while for the waiting or stop cost is Rp500 per 15 minutes.

Tinuku.com Migo made debut the first ebike ride-sharing in Indonesia

"If you want to know the points of substation, you can directly download Migo app via Play Store or App Store. Substation as a partner who acts as Migo's representative in providing electric bicycle units and ready to serve customers," said Migo.

"Migo has technological advantages that are different from other transportation. Registration, the process of refilling the balance, open, lock and return to the station using only a smartphone," said Migo.