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Natilus raised funding to prepare mega-cargo test flight

Natilus announced it had raised seed funding in the second round to prepare for the first test flight. The mega-cargo autonomous aircraft startup headquartered in Richmond, Calif., said it had received seed investments from Starburst Ventures, Seraph Group, Gelt VC, Outpost Capital and Draper Associates.

Tinuku Natilus raised funding to prepare mega-cargo test flight

Natilus Inc. announced it would use the funds to prepare the first test flight in the immediate future. Drones with large cargo capacity have been prepared to challenge traditional players over pricing and scale while preparing for the first test protetypes approved by the Federal Aviation Administration and are scheduled to hit the commercial market by 2020.

Large-capacity aircraft utilize long-haul trucking scales with efficiency gains and cost reductions in the global market of US$15.5 trillion annually. Natilus identifies the market share gap between sea and air freight and offers large-capacity UAVs that challenge traditional players.

"Today's freight sector is limited to just two choices when it comes to meeting customer demand – an expensive 14-hour route by air or a slow-going 21-day ocean trip. Why haven't there been more options?" said Founder and President of Seraph Group, Tuff Yen.

"Natilus's value proposition, the ability to provide cost-effective cargo container-sized air options, creates a far-reaching impact on cost of goods, logistics, finance and commerce," said Yen. Natilus raised funding to prepare mega-cargo test flight

Natilus uses carbon fiber composite material with turbofan and turboprop engine weighing 950,000 pounds to transport 120 tons via trans-Pacific route. The next vehicle is a 12,000 pound unmanned aircraft capable of carrying 2 tons to explore the sky over 1000 nautical miles which will take off and land at small airports.

"Natilus's partnerships with this incredible group of investors is an important milestone in our continued growth," said CEO Natilus, Aleksey Matyushev.

"The new round of financing will allow us to scale the team to finish design of our 12,000-pound e-commerce drone, while at the same time growing our flight-testing operation for our 2200-pound, 30-foot prototype," said Matyushev.


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