Ola and Microsoft collaborate for connected car

Ola and Microsoft are partnering for mobility-connected platforms to improve services to passengers. The ride-hailing service headquartered in Bengaluru has contracted with Microsoft to build a connected vehicle platform and will use Azure cloud computing services to offer in-car entertainment.

Tinuku Ola and Microsoft collaborate for connected car

ANI Technologies's Ola said Tuesday it has partnered with Microsoft to build better services in the car. The platform will also help vehicle diagnostics, maintenance, predictive navigation and more. Ola previously used the Amazon Web Services (AWS).

"The two companies will collaborate to bring this platform to global car manufacturers to be integrated with vehicle systems," Ola said.

Microsoft is also in talks about potential investment in Ola. Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, is currently in India to conduct a series of businesses. In July Microsoft said it wanted to invest up to US$100 million to ANI Technologies.

In October, Ola raised a US$1.1 billion funding led by China's Tencent Holdings and Japan's Softbank Group. Ola also said it was in continuous talks with other investors for further funding of US$1 billion.

Analysts say Microsoft's funding could be part of this second phase, though an Ola spokesman said there was currently no fund-raising talks with Microsoft. Ola will switch completely from the Amazon Web Services platform to Microsoft's Azure over the next few quarters.