Pundi X raised $4 million during Pre-ICO period

Pundi X raised US$4 million during the Pre-ICO period. Device service providers and cryptocurrency-based point of sale systems startup have just completed initial fundraising during the pre-ICO period lasting nearly a month and will be ICO on November 20 to December 20.

Tinuku Pundi X raised $4 million during Pre-ICO period

Co-founder of Pundi X, Indra Winarta, said the trust of investors and community for Pundi X project is very high during meetup in Jakarta, Singapore, Seoul and Tokyo. The startup says the pre-sale success of ICO where the concept of Pundi X has a good chance.

Pundi X is the first project to use hardware for this cryptocurrency service that mostly uses only Visa debit cards. Pundi X will also integrate other cryptocurrency projects as distribution channels that will grow more openly.

"Pundi X has various features that can be activated or disabled based on regulation in a country. We will disable the 'Shop with Cryptocurrency' feature and only allow consumers to exchange cryptocurrency into a traditional currency before shopping," Winarta said.

Pundi X will focus on ICO which will take place in mid-November where the funds collected during pre-sale ICO are equal to 5% of the total ICO target as a whole, so there are still 95% of the total US$80 million target that it seeks to fulfill during the ICO.

"In the near future, we will roll out Pundi X POS devices in Jakarta, Bali, Singapore, Seoul and Tokyo for our pilot testing project. After ICO, we will distribute Pundi X POS at merchants in Jakarta and Singapore," said Winarta.