Salarium raising ICO for SALPay token sales has started raising funding of US$50 million through ICO. Payment solutions startup based in Manila raise funds through the sale of SALPay tokens to bridge the gap between small, medium, freelance, and remittance BPOs in the Philippines.

"The objective of ICO is to provide token utilities for our B2B customers to send their salaries to the Philippines, which will be used to provide liquidity and exchange licenses," said founder and CEO of Salarium Judah Hirsch.

Tinuku Salarium raising ICO for SALPay token sales

The pre-sale of the SALPay tokens will have been held from 22 to 26 November, while ICO today until 31 December 2017. Salarium will perform ICO with the symbol "SAL" using Ethereum technology with total amount of 100 million tokens and 1 SAL equivalent .003 ETH .

Salarium was established in 2013 as a payroll and human resources software which then builds a payment ecosystem status with the launch of SALPay that provides timely and automated payroll solutions combined with Mastercard e-wallet and debit.