Samsung's graphene ball charges battery in 12 minutes

Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) announced a new technology to fully recharge mobile phone batteries and electronic devices in 12 minutes. The project "graphene ball" develops new technology and is claimed to charge the battery five times faster than the normal charging of current lithium ion batteries.

The giant company headquartered in Seoul said the technology uses a unique battery material that they will develop. In 2004 researchers at the University of Manchester developed this graphene material as the thinnest material on earth, yet it has strengths like steel, transparent and most conductive.

Tinuku Samsung's graphene ball charges battery in 12 minutes

"Our research applies a multifunctional graphene system at an affordable price," said SAIT research head Son In-hyuk.

Samsung says their research will offer a new market for second generation batteries, including for the needs of electronic goods and mobile phones. The standard lithium battery takes about an hour to fully charge the phone, but the "graphene ball" takes only 12 minutes to fully charge.

This battery is also resistant in temperatures of 60 degrees Celsius. SAIT is working with Samsung SDI and researchers at the National University's School of Chemical and Biological Engineering.