Uber partnered with NASA to develop flying taxi

Uber Technologies Inc. partnered with NASA to develop a drone taxi service. Uber's head of product Jeff Holden at the Web Summit in Lisbon says the company has signed Space Act Agreement with NASA to create an air traffic control system to manage low-flying taxis by 2020.

Tinuku Uber partnered with NASA to develop flying taxi

Uber says it has collaborated with NASA to help develop air traffic management systems for fly taxi initiatives. Holden on Wednesday announced the agreement in an attempt to use the sky as an urban transportation business service.

Uber has previously launched a plan to introduce a flying taxi fleet known as UberAIR in April. The fly-sharing service by four people will not be a reality anytime soon, but Holden says the flying car network plan is in Dallas and Los Angeles by 2020.

"This is the kind of partner we need to make UberAIR reality," Holden said.

The Uber partnership and NASA are part of a consortium of industry players to ensure "safe and efficient operation" of taxis and other small unmanned airborne systems flying at low altitudes. Until now NASA has not responded about the project.

Uber projected a flying taxi journey from Los Angeles airport to Staples during rush hour in less than 30 minutes, while using a ground car for about 1 hour and 20 minutes. The company expects to offer flying taxi rides for prices that are comparable to UberX services.