Vanderhall Edison2 EV three-wheel for 2018

Vanderhall Motor Works presents Edison2 electric three-wheel for fun adventure on the open road. The vehicle-making company headquartered in Provo, Utah, said Edison2, which features the design of two wheels in front and a wheel in the rear, to replace the Venice series of gasoline engines.

Vanderhall Motor Works says a fun adventure while driving an Edison2 electric wheel and is free to maneuver where the center of gravity is lower. The company replaces the engine and gas tank for electric motors and batteries in the right location.

Tinuku Vanderhall Edison2 EV three-wheel for 2018

"The EV has an outstanding performance advantage, offering Vanderhall powertrain at Vanderhall's focus on innovative performance. Our Venice model is very agile, and Edison2 is the fastest Vanderhall we've ever produced," said Vanderhall Marketing Director Daniel Boyer.

Vanderhall was founded in 2010 by Stephen Hall to restore the spirit of driving exotic vehicles, carbon fiber, aluminum mono chassis, and performance in accordance with the look. Currently the company has three models are Venice, Edison2 and Laguna.

Edison2 uses two electric motors to drive the front wheels with 180 HP and 240 lb. ft. to provide 0-60 acceleration in just 4.0 seconds. The lithium-ion battery is 30 kWh and weighs 1,400 pounds (635 kg) to travel 200 miles by single charge and top speed of 105 mph.

DRIVE: Front, Twin Electric
FRAME: Aluminum mono
BODY: ABS Composite
SUSPENSION: Pushrod front coil over, rear single-sided swing arm coil over
POWER: 180 HP E equivalent
TORQUE: 240 E equivalent
PERFORMANCE: 0-60 4.0 Seconds
BRAKING: 60-0 Less than 100 feet
STEERING: Electric Power Steering
BATTERY: 30 kilowatt lithium
CURB WEIGHT: 1400lbs / 635kg
RANGE: 200 miles est.