Volkswagen and Google collaborate build quantum computers

Volkswagen AG and Google LLC announced a collaboration on quantum computers to seeks solutions in mobility, electric vehicles and urban traffic planning. The two technology giants will collaborate in comprehensive research on algorithms, simulations, and optimizations for deeper development and integration of vehicles and transport services.

Tinuku Volkswagen and Google collaborate build quantum computers

"Quantum computer technology opens up a whole new dimension for us. This is a path of acceleration for the future. We want to be the first to use quantum computing as a business once this technology is commercially available.Going with Google brings us a big step toward that goal," said Chief Information Officer of the Volkswagen Group, Martin Hofmann.

Volkswagen says the IT team wants to advance three development areas on Google's quantum computer where specialists want to further develop traffic optimization, simulate material structures for high performance e-vehicle batteries, new materials and work with new machine learning methods for artificial intelligence and autonomous mobility.

"Volkswagen has great expertise in accomplishing important tasks related to applications. We look forward to exploring how quantum computing can transform and drive the auto industry," said Hartmut Neven, head of development at the Google Quantum Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.