Volvo Trucks and Samsung collaborate on electric trucks

Volvo Trucks and Samsung SDI are in talks for electric trucks. The automotive giant headquartered in Gothenburg and the electronics giant based in Suwon is in talks to develop next-generation batteries for electric trucks. Volvo Trucks president, Claes Nilsson, said the two companies will move for the future of green mobility.

Volvo Trucks and Samsung SDI collaborate on electric trucks

Volvo Trucks says it has been in talks with South Korean technology to build electric trucks as part of its vision for a "greener" future. Both companies plan to build next-generation batteries that allow longer mileage for trucks.

"We've collaborated with Samsung in terms of battery technology where we use electric drive on the bus, but we need electric trucks as well and where South Korea has semiconductors and batteries are very advanced," Nilsson said.

Nilsson did not elaborate on the extent of collaboration with Samsung SDI and the type of batteries they will develop. Volvo Trucks will focus on the company's future vision for leading connectivity, automation and electro mobility in the commercial vehicle segment.