XING Mobility announced Miss R supercar test in 1,341 hp

XING Mobility announced the test of the Miss R electric car in 1,341 hp which is claimed as the world's first electric supercar with onroad and offroad capabilities. The Taiwan startup utilizes a four-wheel torque drive system to produce 168 mph (270 km/h).

XING Mobility announces the latest project test of the Miss R protetype equipped with 4 independent electric motors each 350V to challenge the Tesla Roadster on the highway. Miss R shot 0-60 mph in 1.8 seconds and 0-124 mph (200 km/h) in 5.1 seconds. XING Mobility announced Miss R supercar test in 1,341 hp

Supercar is claimed to be different from other high-end EVs. Miss R is designed for performance on almost any road surface. Racing vehicles will serve on-road, on-track, and off-road where companies want to offer a versatile driving experience regardless of geography.

"Miss R is a paradigm shift in EVs that will hit traditional gasoline cars in both performance and capability. The core idea behind the prototypes is the progressive performance level and new driving experience," said Co-founder and CEO of XING Mobility, Royce YC Hong.

Hong said the battery cell has the maximum performance in which the lithium-ion 18650 cell format that is common from most major battery suppliers is overheated and degraded. Maximizing power density and thermal management under control are key technologies of XING Mobility.

The patented cooling technology called XING Battery System consists of a LEGO-like battery module that holds 42 lithium-ion cells. The system uses a special fluid Novec ™ 7200 Engineered Fluid from 3M for heat transfer, fire suppression, and supercomputer cooling applications.

Tinuku XING Mobility announced Miss R supercar test in 1,341 hp

"The use of Novec Engineered Fluids to immerse the EV batteries is a breakthrough application. 3M loves to work with leading companies like XING Mobility to leverage the unique properties of Novec Engineered Fluids in innovative designs," said Michael Garceau of 3M.

Miss R battery packs generate power up to 1 MW using only 98 modules consisting of 4,116 cells or 30% to 50% less than other electric supercars currently produced. XING Mobility says the full prototype will be launched by the end of 2018.