Yamada Denki and FOMM sell electric cars by 2020

Yamada Denki Co., Ltd and FOMM Co. Ltd. collaborated to set up electric vehicle sales in 2020. The electronic retail company headquartered in Gunma Prefecture and a startup electric vehicle headquartered in Kanagawa-ken following Dyson from the UK to begin selling compact plug-in electric vehicles.

Tinuku Yamada Denki and FOMM sell electric cars by 2020

Yamada Denki and FOMM plan to roll out plug-in electric vehicles. Yamada Denki hopes to sell cars for 1 million yen or cheaper in stores across Japan and through online, also partnering with other companies for maintenance services.

FOMM was established in 2013 by a team including engineers who have developed electric vehicles at Toyota Motor. Startup is also in negotiations to get a share and investment from Beijing Automobile Works Co., Ltd.

Yamada Denki and FOMM's collaboration will entrust assembly to electronic maker Funai Electric. The cars are intended for general consumers, government and other companies. Both target sales of tens of thousands of vehicles per year.

Yamada is also considering other ways to lower prices, such as selling a vehicle as a set with a home. More and more companies outside the automotive industry are developing electric vehicles to seize the market share of the electrification industry and future mobility.