Cryptocurrency market capitalization hit $200 billion

Cryptocurrency market capitalization exceeded US$200 billion. The bitcoin price hit an all-time high of US$7350 on Nov. 2 before a rapid decline below $ 6800 and on Nov. 3 another peaked at US$7500. The bitcoin cash market has also seen a strong rise over the past two weeks at US$700 on Nov. 3.

Tinuku Cryptocurrency market capitalization hit $ 200 billion

The combined top cryptocurrencies have dominated the market capitalization of US$200 billion with bitcoin market share of US$121 billion or dominating by 60 percent. The value of bitcoin has increased considerably over the past four weeks where the Segwit2x fork software will work around November 16th.

The recent announcement by the CME Group on the launch of bitcoin-based futures derivatives contributed to the impact that many demand for the benefits of cryptocurrency and it is impossible to ignore the 500 percent rise to one of the calculated currencies.

Global bourses lead the trading volume of bitcoin cash including Bithumb, Korbit, Bitfinex, Coinone, and Hitbtc. South Korea's won dominates trade volume with currency following state-issued tenders. Currently bitcoin cash is trading at US$650.

The overall top 20 main cryptoes increase capitalization where ethereum rose 3.5 percent by an average of US$299 and Ripple rose more than 5 percent at US$0.20. The fifth highest market position is held by litecoin where one token is at around US$55. NEO and IOTA have risen 6-8 percent on Nov. 3.