Bitcoin Cash rocketed in Coinbase and Gdax first trade

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) rose 70% when Coinbase and Global Digital Asset Exchange (Gdax) announced live trading. Two of the world's most popular criptocurrency exchanges are rolling BCH trades, as a consequence of hard fork to add blockchain on August 1, sending prices at US$3,700.

Bitcoin Cash is the result of hard forks this year where miners signal larger block sizes to reduce congestion that adds to blockchain, lessening transaction delays and preventing cost increases in Bitcoin (BTC).

Tinuku Bitcoin Cash rocketed in Coinbase and Gdax first trade

San Francisco-based Coinbase has been in operation since 2011 with more than 13 million users this year collecting more than 100,000 new accounts per day. Gdax as a criptocurrency platform at the same time also lists as BCH-BTC, BCH-USD, and BCH-EUR.

Late in the afternoon, Coinbase and Gdax abruptly stopped BCH trading rising above US$8000 and then quickly fell back to just over US$3,000. Coinbase and Gdax have a range of 25 countries by exchange, and wallets are available in nearly 200 countries around the world.