Boeing repeat will beat SpaceX to Mars

Boeing repeats the claim of beating SpaceX to Mars. Boeing Company in October 2016 said it would beat Mars SpaceX missions, on Thursday CEO Dennis Muilenburg repeated the claim and added about the Space Launch System rocket will make its first flight in 2019 for a greeting mission around the Moon.

Boeing's CEO on Thursday again claimed to be beating SpaceX on a Mars mission. Muilenburg's confusing claims and challenges this time were met with cynicism by SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk who said on Twitter: "Do it."

Tinuku Boeing repeat will beat SpaceX to Mars

Muilenburg says the rocket will be launched in 2019, but NASA admits it will not happen. Boeing also will not land a rocket on Mars without funding almost from NASA which has paid more than $ 10 billion for SLS development and has no actual funds to implement human exploration plans to Mars.

SpaceX also needs government funding to upgrade Falcon rockets to reach Mars, but Musk has devised plans for commercial purposes to support part of the cost. The SLS rocket has no customers other than NASA.