is social media platform designed for scientists

A startup headquartered in Jambi city, Indonesia, built a platform dedicated for scientists. presents a space for interaction for scientists and technologists. First in Indonesia and only a few rare in the world where the social media platform is for scientists and science lovers to connect with each other.

Social media is a part of life and a huge influence where almost everyone uses it and mostly contains personal posts of its users. Perhaps the phenomenon makes scientists reluctant to be active in social media because it is considered not important and waste valuable time.

Tinuku is social media platform designed for scientists

Apart from that, it is important for a scientist to connect with other scientists to get input on the research project undertaken. Perhaps social media for those born in the '70s is unnatural, but scientists continue to regenerate with the emergence of young talents.

"Young researchers in Indonesia have used social media, but not completely designed for a scientist. All scientific and personal posts are mixed which are less effective to use," said M. Rahman, founder and CEO of Coenocyte.

"The fact is that in this millenial era there are still many young scientists in Indonesia not connected with other scientists, but their interaction is also important and very easy to do using internet," said Rahman.

"Looking broader in international coverage there are actually 'social media' designed specifically for scientists like, Mendeley and ResearchGate, but for Indonesia it is still less 'social' if used for warm intercourse," Rahman said.

After all, scientists are ordinary people who need small talk to ease the tension of activity in the busyness of research. The Coenocyte platform was founded on November 25, 2017 in Jambi city and currently has 169 scientists whose next six-month target is to invite 500 scientists to join.

"Many young Indonesian scientists are talented, even winning the International Olympic Games gold medal, but the success evaporates and disappears. If connected to each other through Coenocyte is expected to bring up new ideas and innovative projects," Rahman said.

Rahman is a former physics student at UIN STS Jambi in 2010. Rising from this background, Coenocyte was launched as a Social Media where young scientists in Indonesia build small talk but still weigh on the scientific profession.

"This platform should grow, for the current operational costs of using bootstraping but we are always open to anyone to play a role," Rahman said.