CrucialTec announced to expand business into biomedicine

CrucialTec announces to expand the business to smartphone thermometers and diabetes diagnostic kits. The world's largest manufacturer of Optical Track Pad (OTP) mobile input devices headquartered in Suwon said on Wednesday it will expand its business into the biomedical market next year.

The company, founded in April 2001, plans to add biomedicine as a new business area at a shareholders' meeting in January. The announcement comes after years of research and development projects with institutions including Texas A & M University.

Tinuku CrucialTec announced to expand business into biomedicine

"CrucialTec has long prepared biomedical business. R & D and facility investment for new business will be done as per medium and long term plan," the company said.

CrucialTec has acquired several patents on sensor modules for thermometers to be built on small mobile devices such as smartphones. Sensor technology will be available for livestock and humans that enable a wide range of agricultural and medical smart solutions.

The company has prepared intelligent farming systems to prevent foot and mouth disease by recording body temperature through sensors. The same logic can also be applied to prevent diseases in humans such as Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome.