Elon Musk showcased Tesla Roadster to load SpaceX to Mars

Elon Musk showcased the Tesla Roadster to be sent SpaceX to Mars. A Falcon Heavy rocket where Musk has released a photograph of a car set up for launch at SpaceX headquarters. The photos were published hours after a leaked picture on Reddit showing the car being set up to go to the rocket room.

Falcon Heavy is a rocket planned by SpaceX for years as the development of the Falcon 9 which is essentially a merger of three rockets to add thrust as the most powerful rocket in the world. SpaceX hopes to send larger payloads into space and push further into the Solar System.

Tinuku Elon Musk showcased Tesla Roadster to load SpaceX to Mars

Musk noted the rocket load for the first test flight is generally only a ballast object such as a concrete block or steel to simulate a real charge where the first test usually ends in an explosion shortly after takeoff.

But so did SpaceX want to really show the seriousness that bringing the vehicle into the farthest space is a job that is possible to do. SpaceX also still wants to launch another rocket in 2017 for the planned Iridium-4 mission taking off at 5.0: 27 PM PST.