Go-Jek brings Kartuku, Midtrans and Mapan chief as senior officials

Go-Jek today announced that it has acquired three Indonesian fintech are Kartuku, Midtrans and Mapan. The three leaders of each of the acquired companies will hold senior management within Go-Jek Group. Kartuku's Thomas Husted became the Go-Jek Group CFO, Midtrans's Ryu Kawano Suliawan became chief of the merchant platform in Go-Jek Group and Mapan's Aldi Haryopratomo became GoPay CEO.

Kartuku.com currently serves more than 100 top retailers in Indonesia, operates more than 150,000 payments at offline outlets, and partnered with nine banks. Kartuku also integrates with issuer banks, e-money service providers and provides additional services such as promotions and vouchers.

Tinuku Go-Jek brings Kartuku, Midtrans and Mapan chief as senior officials

Kartuku was founded by Niki Luhur and launched its payment processing business in 2011. Since then, Kartuku has succeeded in growing its customer base and merchant network very quickly. Husted joins Kartuku in 2015 and becomes CEO a year later.

"Kartuku will focus on developing offline usage of GoPay by integrating the receipt of this digital wallet service into our merchant network. We will also work with Go-Jek services like GoFood and GoMart for offline payments for 125,000 merchants in Indonesia," Husted said.

Midtrans.com was founded by Ryu Suliawan in 2012 as a provider of online payment processing services through partnerships with banks, airlines, e-commerce retail businesses, and fintech companies. Midtrans currently works with more than 3,000 online merchants and processes 18 different online payment methods.

"Midtrans hopes to increase Go-Jek Group's reach in online payments significantly. Our fraud risk management system is used by partners in our platform. This system plays an important role in keeping merchants and consumers online. We will use our technology to strengthen the GoPay ecosystem," said Suliawan.

Mapan.id established is a community-based financial services network prioritizing kinship economy. A unique method to help manage the finance of more than 1 million families in Indonesia in over 100 cities to meet the daily needs that they have difficulty accessing.

"By being part of the Go-Jek Group, we will accelerate financial inclusion for unbanked communities, especially those in rural areas where Go-Jek services are not yet fully available. Through the community, we help communities build more responsible financial planning habits," Haryopratomo said.