Go-jek brings service in Philippines by 2018

Go-jek plans to bring service in the Philippines by 2018. Indonesian motorbike-hailing giant says the Philippines is the first country besides Indonesia where they will operate. Go-Jek's CTO, Ajey Gore, said it plans to build an operational team in the Philippines where other Southeast Asian countries will follow.

"Almost all countries in Southeast Asia have entered our radar within the next 3 to 12 months. The Philippines will be the first country where we will try to do it, "Gore said.

Tinuku Go-jek brings service in Philippines by 2018

The latest step is Go-Jek's efforts to strengthen the Grab and Uber rivalries that have been operating in several Southeast Asian countries, including Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Myanmar. Go-Jek in the Philippines will test the core services is ordering online transport which will then be followed by the payment service.

Go-Jek last week acquired a minor stake in Pathaos as a Bangladeshi motorcycle-based logistics service. The Philippines implements strict rules on online transport services, including public transportation licensing. In November the government closed a local startup named Angkas that did not have a license.