Google and AP State FiberNet build internet using light beam

Alphabet Inc’s uses light to connect the countryside in India to the internet. Google is preparing for high-speed internet connectivity using lasers to bring rural areas of India to online. The company works closely with telecom operators in Andhra Pradesh which has more than 53 million people. uses Free Space Optical Communications (FSOC) technology, which uses light rays to provide high-capacity and long-distance connectivity, such as fiber-optic cables but without cables. Technology is far more efficient in cost, time, and complexity because there is no need to dig trench and install cable.

Tinuku Google and AP State FiberNet build internet using light beam

Each FSOC tip is placed separately on the roof or tower and direct signals between squares easily cross common obstacles such as rivers, roads and trains. The team working with AP State FiberNet is a telecommunications company in Andhra Pradesh where no more than 20% of the population currently has broadband access.

AP State FiberNet announced it will launch 2000 FSOC links created by the Alphabet team which in 2018 will have a team of engineers based in Andhra Pradesh to support its implementation. The company also welcomes other organizations looking to explore FSOC technology.