Grab announces service launch in Cambodia

Grab announced the service in Cambodia and partnered with the mobile payment company Wing Money. The ride-hailing plarform says it started JustGrab services in Phnom Penh and has also signed MoUs with Cambodia's transport ministry to use technology and data to improve traffic safety and management.

Southeast Asia's on-demand transport platform today announced business expansion in Cambodia and has previously signed an MOU with Cambodia's Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MPWT) to share data on traffic safety management.

Tinuku Grab announces service launch in Cambodia

Users use the JustGrab app that displays the cost of travel where the driver will respect the travel expenses and the free negotiation process for passengers and drivers. Passengers may choose to pay cash or through the GrabPay mobile payment platform.

"Southeast Asia is our home and our goal to improve lives here. We look forward to working with MPWT to modernize the country's infrastructure. We will use technology to create greater security and income opportunities for society," said Grab co-founder Tan Hooi Ling.