Indonesia Online Shopping Day 2017 targets $295 million

Indonesia National Online Shopping Day 2017 targets Rp4 trillion (US$295 million). The annual event in Haborlas or "Hari Belanja Online Nasional" will be held on December 12, 2017 where the e-commerce industry is targeting a Rp4 trillion transaction at a discount party this year.

Achmad Alkatiri, Chairman of the 2017 Harbolnas Committee said the 2017 transaction target is different for each e-commerce platform, but for this year's total terget is 50% higher than last year, although only a day. In 2016, Harbolnas was held for three days.

Tinuku Indonesia Online Shopping Day 2017 targets $295 million

"This year Harbolnas is only one day but it's a good day, not in a long weekend like last year," Alkatiri said on Wednesday.

The Nielsen Survey reported Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) in 2016 was around Rp3.3 trillion or increased by about Rp1.2 trillion compared to 2015 where sales were up 3.9 times compared to regular day sales. Alkatiri said this year the Harbolnas participants increased from 211 to 254 or a rise of 43 platforms from last year.

"Credit cards will go up a bit because many promos are from banks, but COD, convenience stores will be great," Alkatiri said.

Alkatiri said this year the level of online shopping awareness has increased and the committee targeting the next stage is to encourage micro, small and medium entrepreneurs to go-digital and reach cities across Indonesia.