Honda aims to cut electric car charging up to 15 minutes

Honda Motor Co. Ltd. aims to cut the electric car charging time by up to 15 minutes to compete Porsche. The auto giant headquartered in Minato plans to roll out an electric vehicle charging in 15 minutes for a 240 kilometer range in 2022 as one of the efforts to reduce barriers to battery-powered car expansion.

Porsche has scheduled the launch of an ultra-fast charging system for the Mission E electric car that is also an obsession with today's vehicle makers to seize market share in the industry of increasingly demanding mobility of environmentally friendly technologies.

Tinuku Honda aims to cut electric car charging up to 15 minutes

Honda plans to release an electric car that runs completely 240 kilometers of battery charging for 15 minutes where the key to this plan is to develop a new type of high capacity battery to adopt ultra-fast charging.

The Japanese giant uses batteries for hybrid vehicles from Panasonic and others, but plans to collaborate with other companies to create new batteries. Lighter vehicle material and more efficient power control systems will ensure new cars go further.

Super fast chargers in Japan use 150kW, but industry players want to increase to 350kW by 2020 where Europe will have a network of several thousand 350 kW charging stations in the year. Honda's next-generation electric vehicles will take advantage of the fast charging infrastructure.