Indiegogo launches ICO and blockchain platforms

Indiegogo Inc. joins the cryptocurrencies service for ICO (initial coin offerings) and blockchain investments. The giant crowdfunding company headquartered in San Francisco announced it was embarking on a crypto service where users used the company's platform to invest in digital token sales.

"We launched the platform in 2008 to help create a great idea. Today, we are taking the next big step. We are excited to announce that you are now investing in the pre-selling ICO offered by Indiegogo and Microventures," Indiegogo said.

Tinuku Indiegogo launches ICO and blockchain platforms

Indiegogo was founded by Eric Schell, Slava Rubin, and Danae Ringelmann in 2008 as a crowdfunding platform and one of the first online crowdfunding pioneers that allows people to raise funds for various startups and businesses.

The company estimates that ICO has spread worldwide to US$3.6 billion. The idea of raising funds through digital token sales is "revolutionary" in that ICO allows more efficient liquidity and utilities.

"There is no question about cryptocurrency, there are many pressures about 'tokenization' of the global economy. In some ways, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is ready to change everything. But for us, this is just another way to do what we've been doing for the last decade," said Indiegogo.

The company has established three standards in implementation for the ICO platform which includes accessibility for all Indiegogo users, regulatory compliance, and well-qualified selection processes. The Microventures partnership ensures the project complies with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations.