JD.com and COLI collaborate build unmanned offline stores

JD.com and China Overseas Land & Investment Ltd (COLI) are collaborating to open hundreds of unmanned stores. The e-commerce giant and Chinese real estate are keen to unite the power to build physical stores using technological resources to compete Alibaba that first launches the same effort.

Offline shopping methods use new technology that lets consumers log in to shop to pick up the stuff they want and walk out without going through checkout. JD.com has tested technology at the Beijing headquarters and is now ready to open stores across the country with COLI.

Tinuku JD.com and COLI collaborate build unmanned offline stores

The store uses cameras, facial recognition technology to identify customers, image recognition, body temperature mapping to track movement and choice of items. JD.com hopes to collect customer reference data to serve personalized ads and promotions.

JD.com and Alibaba are fighting to innovate in the same sector. Alibaba already has a high-tech grocery store and draft store concept where buyers use QR codes when they enter. JD.com technology may be superior to potentially holding a larger market share.

JD.com also intends to market globally in selling technology licenses to retailers around the world and hit Amazon. Retailers use technology and provide feedback in the form of invetory data that will be useful for further development.