Karapan build online beef market app

Karapan.id builds a platform to facilitate cattle ranchers and buyers to transact and meat delivered directly from farms. A startup based in Surabaya presents an application to connect cattle ranchers and buyers directly to remove intermediaries and middlemen.

Karapan presents a livestock product sales platform to bring cow farmers and buyers directly in an app. Startups established in May claimed to have had 200 cattle ranchers from 33 farming groups to fresh meat on the platform.

Tinuku Karapan build online beef market application

"Karapan is not only an idea, but based on the spirit of the breeders to collaborate in improving the trade and quality of beef cattle using technology," said Karapan founder Badrut Tamam Hikmawan.

Startup establishes a partnership with the Agricultural and Rural Training Center in Indonesia to train farmers to cut livestock in safe, healthy and intact standards. The next step is to find buyers and convince them that the meat sold by the breeders has quality standards.

Hikmawan said the Karapan application provides virtual office access for farmers that includes operational management features, real-time livestock monitoring, performance reports, transaction history and regular recommendations.

Within three and a half months after launch, sales turnover reached Rp800 million (US$60,000). Karapan also serves future contract orders which currently have total contract deals of Rp3.2 billion (US$240,000). This startup takes a 1-5 percent commission per transaction.

Startup targets beef sales through Karapan at 8,500 tons in 2020 or equivalent to 1 percent of the predicted meat supply in the domestic market. Hikmawan hopes the transaction in the application will make a turnover of up to Rp400 billion (US$30 million) in the year.