LocalBitcoins set global record high in November

LocalBitcoins.com markets hit record trading volumes. The crypto exchange startup headquartered in Helsinki recorded the highest for trading volume with US$10,000 milestone likely as a catalyst for new crypto investor entry and a new user experience in using the futuristic currency.

The bitocin transaction in November showed an increase in Localbitcoins.com trading globally. Coin.dance reported up to November 4th week showing the highest countries for P2P trade including Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Kenya, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, and Sweden.

Tinuku LocalBitcoins set global record high in November

Kenya, Mexico and Singapore saw a surge in trading volume patterns for a record high for the first week of November. Kenya showed a secondary surge for the 18th week, Mexico three weeks of trading volume in a row in record highs from before.

Argentina, Chile and Peru recorded the highest P2P volumes, as well as the Czech Republic, Norway and the United Arab Emirates. All of these markets produced the same chart. The Czech volumes got a disproportionate parabolic spike to record highs, while the Peruvian market seemed to be slightly reduced from other markets.

U.S. Markets has a new record of more than $ 11 million for the 4th week of November at Localbitcoins. Graphs for the Dominican Republic and Poland showed relative weakness ahead of the beginning of the month before the parabolic spike in volume for the 18th week.

Canada, New Zealand, Pakistan, and Ukraine produced the same volume trend from recent highs from the start in the 4th month. P2P trade in Japan is very low when compared with other countries which have many bitcoin trading bourses.