Mahindra and Renesas collaborate on Formula E

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. and Renesas Electronics Corporation collaborate to expand the development and manufacture of electric vehicles, powertrain, ADAS and other systems. The company headquartered in Mumbai and a semiconductor maker in Tokyo announced a strategic partnership on Mahindra Racing Formula E team.

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd aims to continue to build its brand in the development of electric vehicles in collaboration with Renesas Electronics Corporation as a leading supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions. Establishment of strategic partnership formation with Renesas as official technology partner of Formula Racing Mahindra Racing Team.

Tinuku Mahindra and Renesas collaborate on Formula E

"Formula E helps develop EV technology and expertise Mahindra and this strategic partnership will help accelerate our learning curve and continue to play a pioneering role in the rapidly growing Indian EV market," said Managing Director Mahindra & Mahindra and Chairman of Mahindra Racing UK. Pawan Goenka.

Both companies use the Formula E platform in a number of programs including a 'proof-of-concept' system for racing cars and roadways, harnessing the power of reciprocity to expand the development and manufacture of electric vehicles, powertrains, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and other systems in India and other emerging markets.

Renesas is a global automotive semiconductor supplier, spanning EVs as one of its core businesses and developing comprehensive solutions for open automation platforms, electric vehicle development and self-driving vehicles for consumer adoption.

"The Indian government has set all electric vehicles by the year 2030, opening a tremendous opportunity for the EV market. We hope to bring design expertise based on Renesas platform to the Indian market," said Executive Vice President Renesas Electronics Corporation, Ryuji Omura.