Mallsampah app meet sellers and buyers for garbage business developed a platform to bring together sellers and buyers in a variety of garbage models and services. Startup headquartered in Makassar, Indonesia, presenting a marketplace to bring together communities as waste producers and recycling companies.

Indonesia has a population of over 261 million people facing crucial problems in waste management in large cities where each person averages seven hundred plastic bags per year. Problems are getting complicated in crowded urban areas and difficult to reach garbage trucks.

Tinuku Mallsampah app meet sellers and buyers for garbage business

Mallsampah was founded by Adi Saifulah Putra in October 2015 as a platform for the garbage market and campaigned that garbage can be a source of money. The marketplace concept of the waste distribution chain allows the startup to bring together communities and recycling companies.

"People generally consider garbage as something that is not valuable at all. We chose that sentence to change the mindset that garbage also has economic value," said Putra.

Startups are campaigning opportunities for people to earn extra income through selling and buying relevant garbage on environmental issues and impacting social lives. Garbage collectors use digital services to get aspects of distribution chain.

"Plan ahead, we will bring Mallsampah into mobile apps in 2018. This is done to enable our services to be booked through apps like on-demand transport needs," said Putra.

Mallsampah has worked with various social communities as a channel for them to socialize. Currently serving 50 garbage distribution deals per day where Putra says Mallsampah has a niche business that will continue to grow in the future.

In February 2017, Mallsampah got an investment from an Angel Investor to expand its business services and market share. In March 2017 officially became a legal company under the name of PT Mall Sampah Indonesia.