Miraikikai and KU built solar panel cleaning robot

Miraikikai Inc and Kagawa University collaborate to build solar panel cleaning robots in the solar power plant. Technology company headquartered in Takamatsu City builds robot to replace human work in solar power plant with capacity up to more than 10MW.

The solar panel cleaning robot works autonomously to clean sand, dust and animal waste that accumulates on top of solar panels without using water. Rotary and panel sweeper devices by the fan repel dirt without injuring or scratching the panel surface.

Tinuku Miraikikai and KU built solar panel cleaning robot

Miraikikai and the engineers at Kagawa University are targeting products to hit the market where solar power generation has grown rapidly. The company said it is currently exploring the market and wants to expand sales in the Middle East and India.

The amount of electricity drops substantially due to the accumulation of dirt on the solar panel. In areas that have low rainfall causes sand and dust to accumulate. In addition, solar power plants built in the desert need high costs where water is very expensive.

Solar panels must be cleaned manually every 10 days or once a month. The company says the robot will work well at maximum temperatures during the day that often exceed 40C. The use of robots will cut maintenance costs by up to 80%.

Tinuku.com Miraikikai and KU built solar panel cleaning robot

Type 1 robot which is a modified version of the initial model to clean an area of 200 square meters per hour and is operated continuously for two hours when the Li-ion battery has to be recharged, while Type 2 cleans the panel area of 1300 square meters per hour.

Some electric manufacturers worry about microcracks inside cells during cleaning by robots. Miraikikai says the robotic travel method will avoid load concentration and use soft materials to make rollers and travel on aluminum frames.