Mitsubishi and Indonesia signed electric vehicle program

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation and the Indonesian government signed a memorandum of understanding on the development of the use and availability of electric vehicles. A deal on Monday will support Indonesia's ambition to meet the era of electric cars as part of a strategy to reduce carbon emissions.

"This announcement also shows Indonesia's importance for Mitsubishi Motors in its future growth plan. We are pleased to play a role in reducing emissions in Indonesia and supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy era," said Mitsubishi Motors Corporation CEO Osamu Masuko.

Tinuku Mitsubishi and Indonesia signed electric vehicle program

The Government of Indonesia and Mitsubishi will also conduct a joint study to test the efficiency of the use of electric vehicles in Indonesia. Measures will be taken by the government to include exploration of new policies and tax-cutting programs to encourage the ecosystem of electric vehicles.

Mitsubishi Motors will supply plug-in hybrid vehicles, pure electric and charging units as part of the standardization steps to be drafted by the Ministry of Industry and involving universities. The company has entered the Indonesian market since 46 years ago and production capacity of 160,000 vehicles per year.