Mobike and LINE unveiled bicycle-sharing service in Japan

Mobike Technology Co Ltd and LINE Corp started a collaboration to expand the market share of bicycle-sharing services in Japan. Startup headquartered in Beijing and Tokyo-based messaging company integrates services to make it easier for users on both platforms.

"LINE is a clear leader in Japan's social media space and is a perfect partner to support our ambitious growth plans in Japan We will provide tens of millions of LINE users to find, open and pay bikes on LINE applications," said Mobike founder Hu Weiwei.

Tinuku Mobike and LINE unveiled bicycle-sharing service in Japan

The partnership marks Mobike's latest move to expand its global expansion strategy and further integrate it in the local market. LINE is the most popular messaging platform in Japan that will expand the user base and enable new ways to access Mobike services more easily.

"Through this joint investment and business capital strategy with Mobike, we support the expansion of Mobike services in Japan by leveraging our network for our various activities and services," said LINE Corp's CEO Takeshi Idezawa.

Mobike founded in 2015 it has leased more than 8 million bikes in over 200 cities across 12 countries. Startup has an ambitious goal of adding more services to 200 new cities around the world by the end of this year. Ofo Inc. as Mobike's rival has also expanded its services in Japan in August.