NASA extended Voyager 1 mission for three years

NASA extends its Voyager 1 mission which currently has traveled 20 billion kilometers. The US space agency extended its mission for another three years after more than 30 years of space travel in which NASA sent a message to a plane that flies 140 times the earth-sun.

NASA sent a recent message containing the order to activate a backup propulsion system that has been stored for 37 years as a milestone to extend the mission over the next three years. The team had to wait for a reply from Voyager 1 for 19 hours 35 minutes to reach the earth.

Tinuku NASA extended Voyager 1 mission for three years

"Almost four decades of Voyager's reserves are inactive and we are excited to be on missions over the next three years," said Todd Barber, a NASA scientist.

Space is a vacuum where a spacecraft moves without energy at a speed of 17 kilometers per second. The Voyager 1 booster moves in millisecond pulse units. The communication antenna must remain in the direction of the earth for Voyager 1 to stay in touch with NASA.

Voyager 1 was launched in 1977 with Voyager 2, both of which roamed around the solar system. NASA extended its mission to search for new data.