NDRA builds ride-sharing service using app lease

NDRA builds a ride-sharing service using an app lease scheme to the drivers. The new developer based in Jayapura, Indonesia, named New Delivery Ride Auto (NDRA), presents an on-demand service that does not use revenue-sharing like most ride-sharing services.

NDRA is the only local on-demand service in Papua developed by Ignatius Hendra to provide the fullest possible service option and market penetration as quickly as possible. The platform has many features including N-BIKE, N-CARS, N-EXPRESS, N-FOOD, N-SHOP and N-RENT.

Tinuku NDRA builds ride-sharing service using app lease

Hendra said that currently has 300 downloaders on Google Play, although it has not done a soft opening and is still in trial. NDRA does not use revenue-sharing schemes such as on-demand platforms generally, but leases applications.

Startup seeks revenue from monthly rental fees of applications that are billed to partners, while money from orders is entirely for the driver. Monthly rent for driver of Rp.250.000 (US$18.5) and for merchants such as restaurant and shop is Rp150.000 (US$11).

Hendra said all the costs of using personal money, but open opportunities for investor cooperation to develop a wider business. Currently operating in Jayapura City and in the near future will expand to Sorong, Manokwari, Biak, Fak-fak, and Merauke.