Meet NSK's in-wheel motors concept

Nippon Seikō Kabushiki-gaisha (NSK) Ltd. develops the concept of motor in the wheel as the company's effort to build future business in the post-electric vehicle era. Two motors and compact transmission mounted on the front wheels to create smooth acceleration, save space and ensure high torque.

The Tokyo-based bearings giant NSK Ltd arranges two motors in diameter direction and uses combination of pinion gears and internal gears to reduce the size within wheel thickness. Each wheel has a set of motors to create a more efficient drive system.

Tinuku Meet NSK's in-wheel motors concept

NSK CEO, Toshihiro Uchiyama, said the world's first transmission-equipped wheel hub is designed to improve the vehicle's environmental performance, safety and comfort. The output and maximum torque of each of the two motors is 12.5 kW and 850Nm.

Motor is expected to be pinned on the front wheels of the car in a compact to produce a maximum speed of 130-140km/h (81-87mph). Transmission embedded in the wheels where compact motor with high speed allows to reduce the size and weight of about 30%.

Motor-wheels work in a variety of drive systems that are detached from the body structure claimed as the next generation technology. The vehicle body is lightweight, controlling the driving force of each wheel is getting better and expanding the size of the cabin space.

NSK aims to commercialize wheel hub components such as hub units equipped with integrated speed dampers, one-way clutch units, miniature cages, roller bearings, and anti-corrosion bearings.