Meet Panasonic's tomato-harvesting robot

Panasonic Corp. exhibits robots that have crop-like birds to harvest tomatoes. The giant maker of electronic devices headquartered in Osaka has presented 'tomato-harvesting robot' at the International Robot Exhibition 2017 which took place November 29 to December 2 at Tokyo Big Sight.

Robots automatically harvest tomatoes while walking on a rail mounted on a farm. The device resembles a giant bird beak equipped with a camera, remote sensing and artificial intelligence system (AI) to select ripe fruits and to be picked before it is tucked into the container.

Tinuku Meet Panasonic's tomato-harvesting robot

Robot will determine the position, color and shape of tomatoes where only harvest the tomato according to the program that has been set. Currently they take 10 tomatoes per minute. Panasonic said the robot can continue to operate and harvest tomatoes as quickly as human workers.

Someday the robot will completely replace the human work on the farm. The company has developed similar robots, but the latest version has improved the accuracy ratio in having red tomatoes, speeding up harvesting performance using AI and improving arm speed.