Pegipegi rebrand logo and pointing brand ambassador rebrand by launching new logos and bringing celebrities as brand ambassador. The online travel agent platform headquartered in Jakarta also announced to add more destination information, multiply international routes and improve customer service quality.

Pegipegi rolled out a new logo and introduced Pevita Pearce as a brand ambassador. The company says the latest move as part of their strategy to dominate the travel agent online platform in Indonesia is in increasingly fierce competition.

Tinuku Pegipegi rebrand logo and pointing brand ambassador

Deputy CEO Pegipegi, Ryan Kartawidjaja, said rebranding aims to turn the vision into a fun traveling partner. The first step is to provide more information about interesting destinations in Indonesia through several communication platforms, including social media, Pegipegi Magazine and travel blogs.

"We will also strengthen customer service where internal surveys show our services very well. We will increase the number of customer service team to respond to phone calls, WhatsApp, and online chat customers," said Kartawidjaja.

Kartawidjaja said Pegipegi will add more international flight routes by February 2018. Currently, the most frequent international routes customers order through the Pegipegi platform are flights to Singapore, Malaysia and Bangkok.