Sony Corp reach out to robotics and self-driving cars

Sony Corp aims to expand business into robotics and self-driving cars. Minato giant reported the highest profits and hoped to build robotics and autonomous vehicles technology after losing the electronics consumers who had been their mainstay.

Sony has been famous and leading the world in Walkman and has found a new place in the gaming and music business indicating a new strategy. The conglomerate is now pivoting into the robotics industry and self-driving cars to utilize its expertise in sensors.

Tinuku Sony Corp reach out to robotics and self-driving cars

The company is predicted to print its operating profit until March will double to 630 billion yen (US$5.6 billion) compared with the previous year. The chip division, comprised largely of the image sensor business, became the major supporter of growth.

"We will not be able to win if we do what our competitors are doing," said head of chip technology business Sony Teruo Hirayama.

Japanese giants besides Sony, such as Hitachi Ltd, NEC Corp. and Fujitsu Ltd, which dominated mainstream chips until the late 1980s have lost market share by Asian rivals such as Samsung Electronics. Sony's success has long since decided to focus on niche business sensors and semiconductors.

The company is already preparing to intensify competition in the field of sensor where Samsung and OmniVision Technologies are improving scale. Sony is developing new sensor technology for use in robotics and self-driving cars.