Tachi-S and Clarion builds smart car seat

Tachi-S Co. Ltd builds vehicle seat equipped speakers, vibrators and other features for the driver. The Akishima-based company is developing a car seat that incorporates connectivity system technology as a mentoring and makes it easy to alert drivers.

Tachi-S Co Ltd in collaboration with Clarion Co Ltd launched smart car seat in which a prototype has been exhibited at the Tokyo Motor Show 2017. The embedded conversation system in the headrest emits sound warning and voice guidance for the car navigation system near the driver's ear.

Tinuku Tachi-S and Clarion builds smart car seat

The driver is easy to hear it exclusively while the person sitting in the front passenger seat can not hear it. Tachi-S said a warning sound from the driving assistance system resonates on the inside of the car without disturbing passenger comfort.

The vibrator is embedded beneath the surface of the seat and will vibrate to alert the driver of potential hazards. If the vehicle is off the track and more inclined to the right then the right side of the seat surface vibrates to alert the driver.

Tinuku.com Tachi-S and Clarion builds smart car seat

The driving circuit called an "exciter" consisting of a voice coil and a magnet to produce vibrations. The exciter structure is similar to speakers that have acoustic technology and built by Clarion.