Top ten cryptocurrencies market capitalization of 2017

The total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies recorded above US$600 billion for the first time in 2017. Data by CoinMarketCap showed capitalization rising as high as US$603.3 billion in mid-December before falling back to US$575 billion as of Dec. 31, 2:40 AM UTC.

December 31, the market cap has a figure representing more than double the market cap of US$232 billion in the previous month. Until the 31st December market cap is dominated by bitcoin up to 39.0 percent, while top-50 cryptocurrencies in general are also increasing.

Tinuku Top ten cryptocurrencies market capitalization of 2017

A pound came in the fourth week of December where most of the major money matures down some percentage points such as bitcoin, ethereal, bitcoin cash, and litecoin, but ripple as a banking-oriented cryptocurrency rose and catapulted to position No.2 in terms of market capitalization.

Here's a list of the top 10 market caps of cryptocurrencies on December 31, 2017 2:40 AM UTC:

Bitcoin (BTC)
Market Cap: $224,224,657,311
Price: $13,368.40

Ripple (XRP)
Market Cap: $78,645,500,128
Price: $2.03

Ethereum (ETH)
Market Cap: $70,145,660,438
Price: $725.59

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Market Cap: $42,917,208,154
Price: $2,541.70

Cardano (ADA)
Market Cap: $18,474,723,018
Price: $0.712565

Litecoin (LTC)
Market Cap: $12,103,880,343
Price: $221.90

Market Cap: $9,749,758,374
Price: $3.51

Market Cap: $8,444,267,999
Price: $0.938252

Dash (DASH)
Market Cap: $7,839,077,684
Price: $1,006.92

Stellar (XLM)
Market Cap: $5,908,334,262