Boeing announced the prototype electric cargo air vehicle

Boeing Co. introduced a prototype for unmanned aerial cargo vehicles. The Chicago-based aerospace giant on Wednesday unveiled an electric drone prototype for a vertical-take-off cargo air vehicle (CAV) and plans to test autonomous technology.

Boeing said the company has been designing and building CAV in less than three months where an environmentally friendly electric propulsion system to carry up to 500 pounds. Prototypes are present as the race increases on battery technology and electric motors to lower the cost of flying and more environmentally friendly.

Tinuku Boeing announced the prototype electric cargo air vehicle

"Our new CAV prototype brings new possibilities for the delivery of autonomous cargo, logistics and other transportation applications," said Boeing HorizonX vice president Steve Nordlund.

In November Airbus, Rolls-Royce and Siemens announced a collaborative development of hybrid electric engines where Airbus is responsible for the propulsion and battery control system architecture. In October, Boeing and JetBlue Airways Corp announced plans to bring small hybrid-electric commuter planes to market by 2022.

Boeing said the researchers have turned the prototype CAV remote control into an autonomous aircraft capable of carrying up to 500 pounds. This technology opens up new possibilities for the delivery of time sensitive goods and high value, performs autonomous missions in distant or dangerous environments, and other applications.