Byton electric SUV took its debut at CES 2018

Byton took debut at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas for an electric SUV as the first work. Startups headquartered in Nanjing will carry an electric vehicle they call the SIV or 'smart intuitive vehicle' connected to CES for January 9-12, 2018.

Byton was previously named Future Mobility Company and will debut an all-electric vehicle focusing on smart mobility and connectivity where Byton co-founder and president Daniel Kirchert says the company is more inspired by Apple than by Tesla.

Tinuku Byton electric SUV took its debut at CES 2018

Startup builds build tech specifications in SUV works with a 49-inch curved touchscreen for all passengers, a 'Air Touch' sensor for vehicle control through hand gestures, a cloud platform for connecting applications, and 'Intuitive Access' to use face recognition to unlock vehicles.

The company last month said the SIV will feature a 150 kW (201hp) motor on the front wheels and 200 kW (268hp) on the rear wheels. The 71 kW hourly battery pack serves the entry level model for a range of about 200 miles, while the 95 kwh package is optional for 310 miles.