Meet Sharp movable solar-powered charging stand

Sharp Corp. released a solar powered charging device and can be moved easily. The giant maker of electronics supplies based in Osaka said LN-CB1AA is a high efficiency solar panels 'Blacksolar' enabled to charge smartphones, mobile phones and others.

These charging points are useful for filling in electronic devices during a disaster and can easily be implemented in tourist attractions, venues, commercial facilities and more. Sharp aims to sell 1000 units per year and says the retail price is around US$8,673.

Tinuku Meet Sharp Movable Solar-powered Charging Stand

Charging comes with a Blacksolar solar panel unit that has a nominal output of 150W or higher and three 12V-38Ah rechargeable battery units. Practical devices can be used even though the amount of solar irradiation is low and at night hours.

When fully charged, LN-CB1AA charges 120 mobile devices including smartphones and charges up to four devices simultaneously via USB port. At the back of the main unit can be attached a poster to show facility instructions, event information, maps, menus, and others. Meet Sharp Movable Solar-powered Charging Stand

Casters allow this device to be freely moved to a sunny place depending on the season, time slot or taken to an event that lasts only for a limited time. This equipment has built-in LED lights that are automatically turned on at night.