Amnon Shashua: Self-driving newcomers require validation

Mobileye CEO Amnon Shashua on Monday said their company's computer vision system would detect pedestrians killed in Arizona by Uber's self-driving vehicle and called for an integrated action to validate the safety of autonomous vehicles.

Intel Corp's Mobileye also criticized "newcomers" in the field of self-driving that has not passed the years of development necessary to ensure safety in the vehicle. Police and regulators are investigating the deaths of March 18 in which a woman crossed the street at night.

Tinuku Amnon Shashua Self-driving newcomers require validation

This incident has focused on security and validation of the vehicle. Shashua says Mobileye's advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) is more sophisticated. Uber has not said whether the sensors in self-driving vehicles detect the pedestrian in the seconds before the crash.

"An important experience, especially in a safe area. I am very sure of time for meaningful discussion on the safety validation framework for fully autonomous vehicles now," Shashua said.