Salim Group launched IDMarco's ecommerce platform

Salim Group builds's E-commerce platform to work on the retail market. The Indonesian biggest conglomerate inaugurates services to small shops, stalls, hotels, restaurants and cafes to sell merchandise to end consumers through mobile apps to make it easier for customers to access the service.

Salim Group opened a new business unit e-commerce platform called IDMarco to complement the business that has been run by another business unit Indomarco Adi Prima. VP Marketing and Business Development IDMarco, Regan Dwinanda, said IDMarco wants to complete the segment that has not been well worked out by the group.

Tinuku Salim Group launched IDMarco's e-commerce platform

"We sell wholesalers to retail stores that they buy for sale again or processed into cuisine then just sold. We are not positioning as a technology company, but as a wholesale retail company that uses technology to simplify and reach consumers, "Dwinanda said.

IDMarco provides mobile apps after seeing as many as 76.2 percent of customers accessing platforms via smartphones. This app is also a form of IDMarco effort to make it easier for customers who do not have time to access their platform through the desktop version of the website.