Uber and Herzberg's family reached settlement

Uber reached a settlement with the victim's family of autonomous vehicles. The family of women killed by self-driving Uber Technologies Inc. in Arizona has reached a settlement with the company to end potential legal battles over the first deaths caused by autonomous vehicles.

Cristina Perez Hesano, a lawyer for the firm Bellah Perez in Glendale, Arizona, said "was settled" between Uber and the families of the dead after being hit by a self-driving SUV Uber in Tempe Phoenix earlier this month. They said Herzberg's daughter and husband would have no further comment because they considered it to be resolved.

Tinuku Uber and Herzberg's family reached settlement

Uber has suspended testing after the incident. Toyota Motor Corp. and Nvidia Corp. also stopped self-driving car tests on public roads, and other companies awaited ongoing investigation results. Accidents are an unprecedented challenge of responsibility.

Herzberg was walking carrying a bicycle outside the crossing on a four-lane road when he was hit. A video taken from a camera mounted inside a vehicle released by Tempe police showed the SUV run along a dark street when suddenly the headlights illuminated Herzberg in front of the SUV.